What is bigger 1cm 2cm 3cm or 4cm?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Of the items on the given list, 4cm is the biggest.

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Q: What is bigger 1cm 2cm 3cm or 4cm?
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What is the mean of 4cm 2cm 1cm 3cm 5cm?

Mean = sum(X)/n = 15cm/5 = 3cm

How many squares in a 4x4 squre grid?

Assuming it is 4cm x 4cm, then there would be 16 1cm x 1cm squares. * * * * * But, there are also 9 2cm x 2cm squares, 4 3cm x 3cm squares and 1 4cm x 4cm square. That makes 30 in all.

What are the partner lengths for 7 centimeters?

1cm + 6cm, 2cm +5cm, 3cm + 4cm all the partners that add up to 7cm.

What is the length of sides on a polygon are 2cm 3cm 4cm 4cm and 5cm?

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What is the density of 4cm x 2cm x 3cm?


Can the sides of a right triangle measure 2cm 3cm 4cm?


What is the area of 2cm 2cm 4cm 6cm 2cm 2cm 4cm?

It is impossible to answer this question because the question could refer to an object in 7-dimensional hyperspace or it could be an irregular heptagon (or other possible shapes in 3, 4 5 or 6 dimensions). In anything but 7-d space, its exact shape is indeterminate and so the area cannot be calculated. To understand the indeterminacy, a 2cm + 2cm + 2cm + 2cm shape could be a rhombus or a square, and these will have different areas. Without the angles, there is no way of knowing which.

If you have a gold brick that is 2cm by 3cm by 4cm and has a density of 19.3gcm3 what is its mass?

463.2 grams.

How long is the diameter of this circle 3cm 4cm 2cm?

0 cm, since it is not visible.

What are the partner lengths for a segment 8 centimeters long?

The partner lengths for a line segment 8 cm long are 1cm + 7cm, 2cm + 6cm, 3cm + 5 cm, and 4 cm + 4cm

What is the volume of a block of wood that measures 1cm 4cm by 2cm?

8 cubic centimetre

What is the volume of a prism whose dimensions are 2cm x 4cm x 3cm?

24cm. cubed