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A vase is the shaped like a trapezoid

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Q: What is naturally shaped like a trapezoid?
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What is a pyramid with a base shaped like a trapezoid?

3D trapezoid

Can you show me things that are shaped like a trapezoid?

a dustbin like= ______________ \ / \ / \ / \ / '''''''''''''

Which of the muscles on the dorsal surface are shaped like a trapezoid?

The trapezius muscles are the muscles on the dorsal surface that are shaped like a trapezpoid.

What Common objects shaped like a trapezoid?

the windshield on a car

Things shaped like a trapezoid?

The "chunky" candy bar and the unfinished pyramid on the back of the US one dollar bill are examples of a trapezoid.

Things that are shaped like a trapezoid?

Back of U.S one dollar bill, unfinished pyramid

An architect has submitted plans for a shower stall. The client wants to know if the shower stall is shaped like an isosceles trapezoid. Which statement is true?

WXYZ is a trapezoid......

Does drawing one diagonal in a trapezoid create two congruent triangles?

Yes It always does because of how a trapezoid is shaped.

Why are red blood cells shaped like donuts?

They are shaped like that because they were naturally formed like that and blood cells carry oxygen and other resources you need to survive.

What is the large trapezoid shaped muscle of the back?

The trapazoid-like thingy muscle thingy.Live w/ it.Its actually called the Trapezius

Lake Geneva is naturally shaped in what form?

Crescent-shaped. (or, for you kidnap players, horseshoe-shaped.) :]

What is a name of a shaped like a triangle but has 4 corners?

A diamond, or mathematically correct a parallelogram or tilted square. You may also be thinking of a trapezoid.

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