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A circle with a diameter of 7 inches has an area of 38.48 square inches.

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Q: What is the area of 7 inch diameter circle?
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Area of a circle using 7 inches and 3.14 as pie?

A circle with a 7 inch diameter has an area of 38.48451.

How do you get the diameter of a seven inch circle?

It depends on what you mean by a "7-inch circle". If, as is normally the case, it is a circle with a 7-inch diameter, then you've got your answer in the question. If, unusually, you mean a circle with a 7-inch radius, then the diameter is twice that - 14 inches. If, even more unusually, you mean a circle with a circumference of 7 inches, then the diameter is 7/pi = 2.228 inches.

Can you show me a 7 mm circle compared to inches?

A 7 mm diameter circle is the equivalent of a circle with a 0.275-inch diameter.

What is the area of a circle with a 7 foot diameter?

The area of a circle with a 7-foot diameter is: 38.48 square feet.

If a circle has a diameter of 7 what is the circumference?

The circumference of a 7-inch circle is: 22 (21.98)

How much is the area of a 7 inch circle?

The area of a 7-inch circle is: 38.48 square inches.

How many square feet is 36 inch circle?

A 36-inch diameter circle has an area of: 1,017.9 square inches.* * * * *which is 7.07 square feet.

What is the diameter of a circle with a 7 inch radius?

The radius is half of the diameter. So, if the radius is 7 the diameter is 14.

What is the area of a 14 inch circle in feet?

area = pi*r*r r = diameter/2 r=7 7*7 = 49 49pi, or 153.9380400258998686846695257807 sq in

What is the area of a circle that has a 7 inch diameter?

It is: pi*3.52 = 38.485 square inches rounded to three decimal places

What is the circumfrence of a circle with a 7 inch diameter?

Circumference = pi*diameter = 21.99 inches, approx.

How many Square inches in a 14 inch circle?

I assume that a 14 inch circle is a circle 14 ionches in diameter. Use the formula Area = Pi x radius of the circle X radius of the circle The radius is half the diameter. Pi is 3.14159 (appx) So the area = 3.14159 X 7 X 7 = 153.937 square inches. Or approximately 154 square inches

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