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A circle with a radius of 14 meters has an area of 615.75 square meters.

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Q: What is the area of a circle whose diameter is 28m?
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How do you solve the radius and diameter of the circle area given is 616m sq?

Radius of circle is the square root of 616/pi = 14m to nearest whole numberDiameter of circle is 2 times 14 = 28m

What is the area of a square with 7-metre sides?

easy 28m

What would be the area of an oblong field 100 meters by eight meters?


What is 16m-28m factored?

16m-28m factored = -12

What is the surface area of a cylinder of a 28m height and 15m radious?

Assuming that radious refers to radius, the volume is 19792 cunic units.

What is the GCF of 21m3 and 28m?


You want to change 28.0cm to m?


How much is 28 meter are in 20 centimeter?

how many 28m are in 20cm. 28m is 2800xm 20/2800 = 1/1400, i.e. 8.643x10-4 times

A path 1m wide is built along the border and inside a square garden of side 30cmfind the area of the path?

Let ABCD be the border of square garden of side 30m and the shaded region be the path Then AD = 30m , XP=1m, SY = 1m and XY = AD ⇒ XP + PS + SY = AD ⇒ PS = AD - XP - SY = 30m - 1m - 1m = 28m ∴ PQRS in a square of side 28m ∴ The area of path = Area of ABCD - Area of PQRS

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m = 0

What is the height of a triangle if the base is 17m and the area is 238m 2?

Area of triangle = 1/2 base x height. Thus height = area x 2 / base height = 238 x 2 / 17 = 28m