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The area of a circle with a diameter of twelve inches rounded to the nearest whole number is 113 square inches.

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Q: What is the area of a circle with diameter twelve in to the nearest whole number?
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What is the diameter of a circle with a twelve foot circumference?

The diameter of a circle with a 12-foot circumference is about 3.82 feet. (circumference divided by Pi = diameter).

How big is twelve inches in diameter?

Twelve inches is a length. It can be a diameter, but if it is a diameter, you would simply say 'The circle is 12 inches diameter'. So; how big is it - it is 12 inches.

What would be the radius of a twelve inch diameter circle?

6 inches.

How do you find the diameter of a circle using twelve inches as the circumference?

Divide the circumference by Pi.

What is the area of a twelve inch diameter circle?

Area = pi*6*6 square inches

How many square feet in a twenty four inch diameter circle?

The formula for calculating the area of a circle is 'pi r squared,' where 'r' represents the radius of the circle. A radius of a circle is, of course, half its diameter. Therefore, divide the diameter (24) by 2, then square it, then multiply that figure by pi. Twenty-four divided by two is twelve. Twelve squared is 144. So, multiply 144 by pi and 'Bob's your uncle.'

If the diameter of a circle is sixteen feet what is the value in inches?

The value of a circle could mean many things. Assuming the question is asking for the diameter of a sixteen-foot-diameter circle in inches, the diameter of the circle would be 192 inches. ---- One foot equals twelve inches [ 1 ft. = 12 in. ] Sixteen times twelve equals one-hundred ninety-two [ 16 * 12 = 192 ] Sixteen feet equals one-hundred ninety-two inches [ 16 ft. = 192 in. ]

What is the area of a circle with twelve diameter?

Use the formula A=pi x r2. Divide the diameter by 2 then that gives the radius. Substitute the value for radius in the formula. Then that's the answer. (Use 3.14 for pi)

What is the diameter of a twelve inch pizza?

Twelve inches or thereabouts.

What percent of a circle is one-twelve of a circle?


What is the rounded number for seven hundred fifty three thousand eight hundred twelve to the nearest thousand?


What percent of a circle is two twelve?

212 is 58.89% of a circle.