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It is: 0.5*6*8 = 24 square mm

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Q: What is the area of a triangle with a base of 6mm and the height is 8mm?
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What is the area of a circle with a radius of 6mm?

Area = 113.1mm2

A triangle that has a short side of 6mm another side of 7mm the third side is 12mm what kind of triangle is this?

It has three different sides and no special angles, so it's a scalar triangle.

What is the perimeter and area of a triangle when two of its angles are 70 degrees and 58.27 degrees whose smallest side is 6mm?

Its smallest side of 6mm will be opposite angle 51,73 degrees and by using the sine rules in trigonometry its other sides are 6.5mm and 7.18mm and so:- Perimeter: 6+6.5+7.18 = 19.68mm Area: 0.5*6*6.5*sin(70) = 18.32 square mm

What will be the area of tank if length 1500mm breadth1500mm height 2000mm and plate thickness 6mm given.?

So, inner volume = 1488 * 1488 * 1994 = 4415003136 cubic mm or 4.415003136 cubic metres

What is the area of a circle when the diameter is 6mm?

Area = pi*32 = 28.274 square mm to 3 d.p.

What is the volume of a right circular cone with a radius of 4 mm and a height of 6 mm?

The volume of a right circular cone with a radius of 4mm and a height of 6mm equals 140.88mm3

If an object 18mm high is placed 12mm from a diverging lens and the image is formed 4mm in front of the len what is the height of the image?


What is the area and the circumference of the circle when diamter is 6mm?

area = 9∏mm (approx. 28.26mm) circumference = 6∏mm (approx. 18.84mm)

Which is larger 3MM or 6MM?

dear me,,, 6mm, sigh!

What gauge is a 6mm piercing?

6mm is equal to a 2 gauge.

What is 4mm-6mm in inches?

4mm-6mm in inches = -2

What is thicker 6mm or 2mm?

6mm is thicker than 2mm.