What is the conclusion of topology?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is the physical & logical arringment is called topology

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Q: What is the conclusion of topology?
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What is the conclusion of network topology?

The conclusion of network topology is to ensure that the system is working as required. Topology refers to the physical wiring process in a network.

What topology is a passive topology?

Ring topology is the passive topology in computer networks

What is physical layout of nodes on a network that is known as a network's?


What are the five types of network topology?

1.bus topology, 2.ring topology, 3.mesh topology, topology, 5.hybrid topology

What are the types of hybrid network?

Ring Topology, Mesh Topology, Bus Topology, Star Topology

What are some topologies?

star topology,bus topology,ring topology,mesh topology etc...

What is the logical topology for mesh topology?

topology is function of x..........then the family of x belong to topology

How many principal network topologies?

1mesh topology 2 star topology 3bus topology 4ring topology 5tree topology

Which topology has no termination?

Ring Topology How to run Ring topology

Bus topology is the most popular topology justify?

Bus topology is the most popular topology. Justify.

What are the types of topology?

whatarethetypeoftopology Network topology is a layout which shows that how a connectivity communicates and the flow takes place in a network. types of topology are 1. BUS topology,2. Star topology,3. ring topology.

What is the arrangement of computer on the network?

The arrangement of computers on a network is called topology. It describes how the individual computers are connected to each other and to the network.examples of topology are Star topology, ring topology, mesh topology, bus topology.