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A regular octagon's angles and sides are all the same. As in the angles are the same, and the lengths of each side are the same. And irregular is basically the opposite of that.

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Q: What is the difference between a octagon and a regular octagon?
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What is the difference between a octagon and a octahedron?

An octagon is 2-dimensional, an octahedron is 3-dimensional.

How many axes of symmetry does a regular octagon have?

0 if it is irregular, 8 if it is regular. Probably some numbers in between are possible, too.

How many sides does a regular octagon have?

A regular octagon has 8 sides.

Is octagon regular or not?

An 8 sided octagon can be either regular or irregular in shape.

What do the mathematics call a regular polygon with eight sides?

A polygon with eight sides, regular or not, is an octagon. There isn't a special name for a regular octagon (other than "regular octagon").

What are the properties of a regular octagon?

A regular octagon has 8 sides similarly to an octagon. The name regular octagon means that all angles are the same, therefore inferring that all sides are of equal length.

How many angles are in an irregular octagon?

Whether or not a polygon is regular makes no difference to the number of sides or angles that it contains. An octagon has eight sides and eight angles.

What is the difference between an octagon and a triangle?

An Octagon contains 8 sides whereas a triangle contains only 3 sides

Why are there no right angles in an octagon?

In a regular octagon, each angle is 135 degrees. If the octagon is not regular, then it can have as many as 6 right angles in it.

Image of a not regular octagon?

A octagon is a octagon without the same angles as the others.

im asking regular octagon?

An octagon is a plan figure with eight sizes, a regular octagon is an octagon with all the eight sizes being equal to each other

Can a regular octagon tessellate without overlaps or gaps?

No, there would be triangles in between. Sorry!