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Area is the space or room inside a circle and circumference is like the perimeter or the distance around a circle. In terms of pepperoni Pizza, area is the cheesey pepperoni and circumference is the crust. On a plate, area is were you can place food and circumference is the edge.

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Q: What is the difference between area and circumference?
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What is the difference between pi and circumference?


What is the relationship between the circumference of a circle and the area of a circle?

Area = (Circumference squared)/4 pi Circumference = 2 sqrt(Area times pi)

What are the difference of circumference formula and area formula?

Circumference is the distance around the object and Area is the amount of space it takes up.

Why is it important to know the difference between diameter and radius?

When you are using mathematical formulas, it is good to know the difference. For example finding the circumference or area of a circle.

What is the difference between circumference of circle and area of circle?

the circumference is pi times the diameter. the area is pi times radius-squared. And, of course, the Circumference is the distance around the circle, or the outside. While on the other hand, the area of a circle is the amount of space on the inside of a circle:) hope this helps !

What is the difference between the circumference of 12 and 2.5?


What is the difference between perimeter and circumference?

Circumference is only used for circles. Perimeter is for every other 2D shape.

What the difference between circle perimeter and circumference?

There isn't any. The circumference is just a special name for a perimeter of a round shape.

What is the difference between circumference and perimeter?

The perimeter of a circle (or circular shape like an ellipse) is called its circumference. So a circumference is simply a perimeter for selected shapes.

What is the meanig of breast size 34DD?

34 - The circumference of your bust. DD - The cup size as determined by the difference between the bust and the area just below the bust.

How are the circumference and area the same and difference?

They are not the same except that they relate to plane shapes. The circumference is a one-dimensional measure of the boundary of a shape while the area is the two-dimensional measure of its coverage.

What is the difference between circumference and radiuas?

The circumference is the distance around. The diameter is the distance across. The radius is half the diameter, from the center to the rim.

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