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The size of the 200 sq yd garden would be 8yd x 8yd or 24.5 x 24.5 ft

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Q: What is the dimension of a garden that is 200 square yards?
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How many square yards in 200 square feet?

200 square feet = 22.22 square yards.

How many yards is 200 square feet?

22.22 square yards in 200 square feet.

How many square yards equals 200 square meters?

200 square meters = about 239.2 square yards

How many square yards in 200 yards?

No answer - 200 yards is a measure of length, not area

200 feet times 200 feet equal how many square yards?

200' x 200' (40,000 square feet) = 4,444.44 square yards.

200 square feet equals how many yards?

22.22 square yards.

What is length and breath of 200 square yard?

Square measure is a measure of area it does not have a singular linear dimension. 200 squre yards can have an infinite number of dimensions so long as the product of those numbers equal 200 in the relavent unit of measure.

How many square yards in 1800 square feet?

there is 200 squared yards in 1800 squared feet 9/1800=200 squared yards

200 yards X 500 yards is how many acres?

The area of 200 yards times 500 yards = 100,000 square yards.The area of 100,000 square yards are 20.661157 acres.

How many yards in 200 square feet?

A yard is a measurement of length and a square foot is a measurement of area. Area (200 square feet) is not converted to yards. If your question is how many square yards in 200 square feet, that question is already posted and linked as a Related question below.

How many square yards in a 200 yard diameter circle?

There are: pi*100*100 square yards

How many square yards are in 200 feet long?

None. How wide are your 200 feet? Call it n feet then square yards = 200n/9

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