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to find the area of any triangle follow the formula: 1/2(b*h)

"B" - stands for the base of the triangle

"H" - stands for the height of the triangle

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Q: What is the formula to determine the area of a right triangle?
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What is the formula for area of a right triangle?


Formula for area of a right triangle?

Area=1/2(base*height) where either side can be the base or the height in a right triangle.

What is the formula to finding an area to a right triangle?

The area of any triangle is1/2 of (the length of the triangle's base) times (the triangle's height).

How do you figure out the area of a triangle that is NOT a right triangle?

Use the formula 1/2 the base * the height

What is right triangle formula of area?


What is the area of an isosceles right triangle whose hypotenuse is 12 2?

The length of the hypotenuse, alone, is not sufficient to determine the area of a triangle.

Area of right triangle?

The area of a right triangle is dependent on the length of leg A and leg B. The formula for this is A= leg a multiplied by leg b then divided by 2.

How do find the surface area of a right triangle prism?

use the formula. ti

What is the formula for the area of right triangle?

b x h=n /2

What is the formula of the area and perimeter of a right triangle?

The Formula for area of any triangle (including right) is: Base x height divided by 2 for example: the base of my triangle is 10 cm and the height of my triangle is 5 cm 10 x 5 divided by 2 = 25 cm squared

If a triangle has 7cm and 16cm what is the area?

56 cm2 * * * * * Only if these are the shorter legs of a right angled triangle and there is no justification for making that assumption. Two sides of a triangle are not sufficient to determine its area.

How do you find the length of the triangles sides using the area?

You need more information than this. What type of triangle (right angle or not), and you need to know atleast one side's length (or you can choose the size of one or two sides, and determine the rest.) E.g., for right angled triangle, area = 1/2 base x height. If you want base and height same size, you can determine this from this formula using area (known)