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Area in square feet = pi*radius2

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Q: What is the formula to find square footage in a circle?
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How do you calculate square footage of a pipe?

To calculate square footage of a pipe you need to use the area formula of a circle, a=1/2bh. then find the circumference of the entire pipe.

How to find square footage of a circle outside of the 18ft and inside 20ft?

If the 18 stands for the radius, then the area formula : A= Pi r2 can be used. The question is standed strangely.

Square footage of a column?

This will depend on which column you are looking at. You can use the formula in order to find out the answer.

How do you find the square feet in a dome?

You can find the square footage of any shape, including a dome, by taking a few measurements in relation to its base. The base of any dome is typically a circle, and because of this, the measurement you must take to find the square footage is the radius.

How do you find the area of a circle in square inches?

By using the formula: area of circle = pi*radius2

How do you find the square footage of a flat surface?

Length x width = square footage

What is the formula used to find areaof a circle?

Area in square units = pi*radius2

What is the formula to find the radius given the are of a circle?

it is square root of the area divided by pi

What is the square footage of a 6 foot flat circle?

To find the Square Footage of a 6 foot circle (flat), we must use the equation for Circle Area:Circle Area = pi × r2Since we know that Diameter = 6 feet we Therefore know that Radius = Diameter/2 = 3 feet = rSo, Since, the constant pi = 3.14159 (approximate), we now have all the numbers to put into our Circle Area equation:Square Footage of a 6 foot flat Circle = 3.14159 x 32= 3.14159 x (3 x 3)= 3.14159 x 9= 28.27431Therefore:The Square Footage of a 6 foot Flat Circle = 28.27431 Square Feet (Feet2)

What part of circle do you have to square to get the area of a circle?

Radius. the formula is Pi-r-squared i cant find the symbols on my comp

How do you find the square footage of a hole?

You can't, a hole has volume and thefore needs to be measured in cubic footage. Square footage is a measure of area not volume.

How to determine square footage?

In order to calculate the square footage you need to find the length and the width of the room in feet. You multiply the length and the width to give you the square footage of the room

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