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It height is: 6/1.5 = 4 m

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Q: What is the height of a door whose area is 6sq . m and breadth is 1.5m with slove?
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What is the height of a door whose area is 6sq . m and breadth is 1.5m?

Its height is: 6/1.5 = 4 m

How do you calculate the area of a rectangular crystal surface?

It is 2*(Length*Breadth + Breadth*Height + Height*Length).

What is the height of a door whose area is 6 square.m and breadth is 1.5 m?

6/1.5 = 4 mIt height

What is the height of an acre?

0. An acre is a measure of area: it has a length and a breadth but not a height.

How do you figure square footage of an area from total perimeter?

Triangle Area = ½base × height Square Area = length of side to the power of 2 Rectangle Area = breadth × height Parallelogram Area = breadth × height Circle Area = πrto the power of 2

What is the shape of a given area?

It has no length, breadth, height or position.

What is the area of the triangle?

a=bh/2 Area=Breadth multiplied by height ______________________ Divided by 2

What is area of parallelogram if breadth is doubled the height?

For simplicity, let's call the breadth 'L' and the height 'W'. The formula is A = LxW. We can use X to represent W (the height) and 2X to represent L (the breadth, which is doubled the height) and substitute into the formula: A = X times 2X. The area of the parallelogram mentioned would be 2X².

What is the formula for finding the area of a prism?

To find the area :_ 1/2 Breadth * Height (half multiplied by breadth multiplied by height) Try again. Here is the correct answer. Area = AL + 2AB AL = area of the laterals = perimeter of base X height AB = area of the base

How do you find the square footage of a 9' by 9' room?

Area of rectangle = Length x Breadth = 9x 9= 81sq feet Acc. to me a room has three dimensions length, breadth and height. If you know the area of the woom and length and breadth you can find height.

What is the noun for breadth?

The word "breadth" is a noun, a word for the third dimension (height, width, breadth) or the extent or encompassed area (or duration); a word for a thing.The related adjective is broad.

What is the rule for finding the area and perimeter of a parallelogram?

area of parallelogram= base*height perimeter= 2(length+breadth)

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What is the height of a door whose area is 6sq . m and breadth is 1.5m?

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