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If the 35-gon is a regular one, then its interior angle measure equals to [(35 - 2)180⁰]/35, which is approximately 169.72 degrees.

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Q: What is the interior angle sum of a 35-gon?
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What is the angle sum of a pentagon?

For interior, the angle sum is 540 degrees, for exterior, the angle sum is 1260 degrees. * * * * * Partially correct! The sum of the exterior angles of any polygon is 360 degrees. The exterior angle is the supplement of the interior angle (180 - interior), NOT the reflex angle (360- interior). So the sum given 1260, which is based on the reflex angles is incorrect.

What is the difference in finding the sum of the interior angle and each interior angle?


What is the measure of an angle of a regular dodecagon?

Interior Angle: 150 degrees (Interior Angle Sum: 1800) Exterior Angle: 30 degrees (Exterior Angle Sum: 360)

What is the interior angle sum of a triangle?

The sum of an interior angles of a triangle is 180 degrees.

What is the sum of an interior angle on a quadrilatral?

An interior angle is the inside angle of a shape e.g quadrilateral, square

The sum of three interior angle of a triangle is 180 verify it?

the Sum of the Interior of a triangle is 180

What is the sum of a polygons interior angle?

(number of sides - 2)*180 = sum of interior angles

Is interior angle angle sum?

No. An interior angle is one of many angles in the interior of a closed shape - usually a polygon. The angle sum is the sum of the values of a specified list of angles. They may be angles around a point, angles in one or more shapes.

What is the interior angle sum of a heptagon?


What is the sum of the interior angle of a square?


What is the sum of the interior angles of a regular polygon if each angle measures 20 degrees?

There is no regular polygon with an interior angle of 20o. If the interior angle is 120o then there are six sides and the sum of the angles is 720o.

What is the total interior angle sum of a polygon?

(number of sides -2)*180 = sum of interior angles

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