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It it's a rectangle, then the length one side is 450/(length of the next side) .

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Q: What is the length of one side in 450 square meter?
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How many square meter is equal to 450 square feet?

450 (square feet) = 41.806368 square meters.

How many 450 x 450 slabs in a square meter?

4.94, approx.

Rectangle 450 square inches length 24 inches What is the width?

if a rectangle is 450 square inches and the length is 24 inches what is the width?

How big is 450 square meters in square feet?

Using: 1 meter = 3.28084 feet1 square meter = (3.28084)2 square feet450 square meters = 4,843.76 square feet (rounded)

How many square feet is 15'x 30?

The answer is found by multiplying length and width. This calculation gives you 450 square feet.

What are the area and perimeter of a square inscribed inside a circle 30 ft in diameter?

Square inscribed a 30 ft diameter has a diagonal equal to 30 ft. Use the Pythagorean theorem, and side^2 + side^2 = 30^2 2s^2 = 900 s^2 = 450 side length = square root of 450, simplify 15sqrt(2) = s Area = s^2 = 450 square feet Perimeter = 4s = 4*15*sqrt(2) = 60 times the square root of 2

The area of a rectangle is 450 square inches if the length of the rectangle is 24 inches what is is the width?

In getting the area of a rectangle, the formula is length x width.Given the length 24 and the area 450:450 divided by 24 will give you 18.5.length - 24width - 18.5area - 450Checking:24 x 18.5 = 450

How many blocks at 450mm will fit into 1 sq meter?

Assuming the shape of the square meter can be changed to suit the actual shapes that are fit into it. Assuming the blocks are squareBlock = 450 mm * 450 mm =450 * 450 = 202 500block is 0.2025 meters square.How many block in 1 square meter?1 / 0.2025 =1 / (.450 * .450) = 4.9382716So 4 blocks could be fit into the spare and there would be space left over.4 * 0.2025 = 0.81.Therefore .19 m square would be left empty.

What is area of rectangle length 25Cm breath 18Cm?

450 square centimeters

What is the area of two squares if the perimeter is 90 meters?

if the two squares' parameter is 90m then it would be 16200 square meter combined having each square's area equal 8100 square meter.(square area=Parameter*parameter)Improved answer:Presumably you mean two conjoined squares as opposed to two separate squares?If so then the solution is worked out as:Let x be side length of each square2x+2x+x+x = 906x = 90x = 15Area = 2x*x => 30*15 = 450 square meters

How many square feet is X?

The answer is found by multiplying length and width. This calculation gives you 450 square feet.

How many slabs 450 x450 in a square meter?

4.9382716 to be precise, so 5, 450x450 slabs in a square metre.