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The side length would be 7. It is 7 because when you find the area of a square, the equation is s2=A. (s=side length A=area). When you only have the area of a square and you want to find the side length, you replace "A" with the area (in this case 49). Then you would have s2=49. To find the side length you would square both sides of the equation. √(s2)=√(49). 49 is perfect square so it's not too difficult to find out the answer. You would be left with s=7. Therefore the side length is 7. Step by step: s2=A s2=49 inches2 √(s2)=√(49) s=7 inches2

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Q: What is the length of the side of a square whose are is 49 square inches. can you leave a expalantion?
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