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A cone is a 3-dimensional shape; the 3-dimensional equivalent of perimeter is area. See the related question for information on this.

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Q: What is the perimeter of a cone?
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What is the perimeter for a cone?

how can you find the perimeter of a cone i.e. a 3d shape!

How do you find Perimeter of the cone?

Three dimensional objects, such as a cone, do not have a perimeter in any meaningful way.

How do you calculate the perimeter of the cone?

You don't. Perimeter is a concept associated with plane figures, not solid shapes.

How do you find perimeter of a cone?

With great difficulty because a cone is a 3D object and only 2D shapes have perimeters

What is the formula to finding the perimeter of a cone?

You can't find the perimeter of a cone because it's a 3D shape, but you can find the volume; the formula is 1/3x3.14xr2xh (r= radius of the base/ h= height).

What is the formula in finding the perimeter of a cone?

(pi)r2x height divided by 2

How do you calculate the perimeter of a cone with 8 inches base and 2 inches top?

The shape described cannot be a cone since a cone has a base at one end and a point - of zero length - at the other!

How do you find the side of the cone?

That is called lateral area. The formula for lateral area is: LA=1/2Pxl P stands for perimeter l stands for slant height

The distance around a figure is called the?


Which mathematician invented the formula for perimeter?

Although some have said Archimedes, my opinion is that the formulas for area and perimeter of a rectangle were well known before his time (300BC). The Babylonians in 1500BC knew how to create Pythagorean triples, so I wouldn't be surprised if they knew this. Archimedes did discover more difficult formulas, such as perimeter and area of a circle, and volume of a sphere and a cone.

How do you find the lateral area of a cone?

LA= 1/2(l*B)where "LA" is lateral area, "l" is lateral height and "B" is the perimeter of the baseMore info:B- otherwise (in a cone) known as 2Ï€r. 2Ï€r is also known as DÏ€ where "D" is diameter

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