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The perimeter is [ L + W + L + W ], or [ 2L + 2W ], or 2(L + W) .

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Q: What is the perimeter of a rectangle od side legh l and width w?
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What is the formula for the perimeter of a square and rectangle?

The perimeter of any rectangle is [ 2 x (length + width) ]. Since the length and width of a square are equal, the perimeter of a square is also [ 2 x (side + side) ] = (4 x side).

A rectangle and a regular octagon share a common side If the length of the rectangle is twice its width and the perimeter is 36 cm what is the perimeter of the octagon?

Length + width = 18 cm so length = 12 cm and width = 6 cm. Presumably the length is the common side so the perimeter of the octagon is 8 x 12 = 96 cm. If the width is the common side then the perimeter of the octagon is 8 x 6 = 48 cm

What are the side lengths of a rectangle with an area of 36 and a perimeter of 40?

Length of rectangle is 18 units and its width is 2 units

How do you find the perimeter of a rectangle if you have the length and the area?

Area = Length*Width so Width = Area/Length. Therefore the Width can be calculated. Then, perimeter = 2*(Length + Width) and everything on the right hand side of the equation is known so the perimeter can be calculated.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle with length of 15 and width of 7?

Perimeter is the sum of the measures of the side lengths. A rectangle with length 15 and width 7 has two sides that measure 15 and two that measure 7. So 7 + 7 + 15 + 15 = 44 is the perimeter.

What is the perimeter of 7cm by 6cm?

Assuming that this is a rectangle, you know that the length (longer side) would be 7cm, and the width (shorter side) would be 6cm. The formula for perimeter is, 2(length) + 2(width) = Perimeter Now we can plug in our numbers, 2(7cm) + 2(6cm) = 14cm + 12cm = 26cm The perimeter would be 26cm, assuming that this is a rectangle ^^

What has the greater perimeter a square with side eight units or rectangle with length 14 units and width two units?

They will be both the same because the perimeter of the square is 32 units and the perimeter of the rectangle is also 32 units

Perimeter of a rectangle 4metres by 6metres?

perimeter of a rectangle is 20 on each side

Rectangle has whole number side lengths the length of the rectangle is tripled and the width is doubled The new area is 204 cm squared. The new perimeter is 110 cm. What was the old perimeter?

the old perimeter is 17 * 2 The old perimeter = 38

Width and the length of a rectangle?

The width and length of a rectangle will vary depending on the size of the rectangle. The width is the shortest side of the rectangle while the length is the longest side.

If you know both the perimeter an the length of a rectangle how can you determine the width of the rectangle?

The perimeter is the total of all 4 sides of the rectangle, and a rectangle, by definition, has 2 sets of parallel sides. Perimeter = 2L + 2W (where L = length of ONE side, and W = width of ONE side). So, for example, if the perimeter is 40 cm, and the length is 15 cm, you figure out the width by subtraction and division. P = 2L + 2W 40 = 2(15) + 2W 40 = 30 + 2W 40-30 =30 + 2W - 30 10 = 2W 10/2 = 2W/2 5 = W So the width of the rectangle is 5 cm.

How do you work out the width of a rectangle?

The width of a rectangle is the length of the shorter side.

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