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Q: What is the perimeter of a square is 16s plus 24 Find the area?
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How do you find a area and perimeter of a room in square meters?

Measure it with a meter stick. Multiply the length times the width to find the area. Two times the length plus two times the width is the perimeter.

What is the Area and perimeter of Wisconsin?

The area of Wisconsin is 65,503 square miles. The perimeter of Wisconsin is 1379 miles. The length or width plus the area are used to determine the perimeter.

How do you find the area with a perimeter?

Perimeter equals 2 Length plus 2 width so find what l a w is then multiply them

What is the surface area of a square pyramid?

It is the lateral area (which is 1/2 the perimeter multiplied by the slant height), plus the area of the base.

If you know the perimeter how do you find the area?

Perimeter equals to 2 times the length plus 2 times the breadth. Area equals to length multiply by breadth

If the perimeter of a square is 8x plus 6 what is its area?

Each side of the square is 2x+1.5 and its area is (2x+1.5) squared

What is the perimeter of a square if it has an area of 36cm squared?

144.we should plus into 36+36+36+36=144.

How do you find the area from the perimeter of a rectangle?

If the only information that you have is ... A) the figure is a rectangle, and B) the perimeter ... then you cannot calculate the area. The area of a rectangle is the length multiplied by the height., The perimeter is twice the length plus twice the height. So, a rectangle with a length of 9 units and a height of 1 unit will have a perimeter of 20 units and an area of 9 square units. Another rectangle with a length of 6 units and a height of 4 units will also have a perimeter of 20 units, but it will have an area of 24 square units. To be able to calculate the area from the perimeter you need to know one of two additional things - either one of the measurements, or the ratio of the height to the length.+++To summarise, you can, IF you know the ratio as mentioned. Then apply that to half the perimeter to find the length and breadth.

Do you times the length and width or plus it?

to find the area of a rectange you times, to find the perimeter, you add them then times by 2

What do you do to get the perimeter?

Area = 2Length plus 2Width

How do you find the perimeter and area of similar figures?

Area: rectangle length times width Area: triangle 1/2base times height Area: trapizoid 1/2 (base1 plus base2) perimeter add up the sides

What is the area and perimeter of a rhombus whose diagonals are in lengths of 7.5 cm and 10 cm showing work?

Area of the rhombus: 0.5*7.5*10 = 37.5 square cm Perimeter using Pythagoras: 4*square root of (3.75^2 plus 5^2) = 25 cm