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228 meters (4 sides x 57 = 228)

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Q: What is the perimeter of a square with a length of 57 meters?
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If 2 rectangles have the same area must they have the same perimeter?

Not at all.Rectangle A:-- Length = 20-ft, Width = 10-ft.-- Area = 200 square ft-- Perimeter = 60-ftRectangle B:-- Length = 16-ft, Width = 12.5-ft-- Area = 200 square ft-- Perimeter = 57-ftRectangle C:-- Length = 40-ft, Width = 5-ft-- Area = 200 square ft-- Perimeter = 90-ftRectangle D:-- Length = 50-ft, Width = 4-ft-- Area = 200 square ft-- Perimeter = 108-ftRectangle E:-- Length = 100-ft, Width = 2-ft-- Area = 200 square ft-- Perimeter = 204-ftRectangle F:-- Length = 800-ft, Width = 3 inches-- Area = 200 square ft-- Perimeter = 1600-ft 6-in

What is the perimeter in meters for a hexagon with side lenghts of 57 centimeters?

If it's a regular 6 sided hexagon then 6*57 = 342 cm which is 3.42 meters

The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is at most 57 feet. What could be the length of a sides?

An equilateral triangle that has a perimeter of 57 feet has three equal sides of 19 feet.

How many square yards are in 57 square meters?

57 sq metres = 68.17 sq yards.

A restaurant has a dining room that is 43 ft by 57 ft. what is the area of the dining room What is the perimeter of the dining room?

Area: 43*57 = 2451 square feet Perimeter: 43+57+43+57 = 200 feet

What is the width of a the bottom of a rectangle cage if its perimeter is 57 inches and the length is 14.3 inches?

It is 14.2 inches

What is the area of a rectangle with the width of 3.8 meters and a length of 15 meters?

57 meters. To find area you multiply base times height, or width times length in this case.

If the area of a square is 49 square centimeters what is the length of the side?

If the area of a square is 49 square centimeters, the length of each of its sides are: 7 cm.

What is 57 meters and covert it to meters?

57 meters converted to meters is 57 meters.

Hom many square feet in a 57' x 30' area?

1,710 square feet. Multiply length by width - the result is the area in square feet.

How many kilometers are in 57 meters?

There are 0.057 kilometers in 57 meters. 57 meters x 1 kilometer/1000 meters = 0.057 kilometers 1 kilometer = 1000 meters

How many kilometers equals 57 meters?

57 meters=0.057 kilometers