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Q: What is the point group symmetry of a basketball?
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How do you assign point group?

To assign a point group to a molecule, you first identify its symmetry elements such as rotation axes, mirror planes, and inversion centers. Then, use those elements to determine the point group using crystallographic tables or software. The resulting point group describes the overall symmetry of the molecule.

What is point group Dn?

Point group D_n is a type of symmetry group in chemistry and crystallography. It has a 2-fold rotational axis with n total symmetry elements, including reflections and rotations. The "D" indicates that there are perpendicular C2 axes in the group.

What symmetry would a basketball represent?

bilateral symmetry

What is line and point symmetry?

Line symmetry = Reflection symmetry. Point symmetry = Rotational symmetry.

What is the point group of CH2Cl2?

The point group of CH2Cl2, also known as dichloromethane, is D2h. This molecule has a C2 axis, two perpendicular C2 axes, and two mirror planes.

What is a point of symmetry and a line containing that point?

It is a line through the point of symmetry. In general it is not an axis of symmetry.

What is a figure that has point symmetry but not line symmetry?

The letters S and N have point symmetry but not line symmetry.

When an image has a point of symmetry then the line containing that point will be a line of symmetry?


When an image has a point of symmetry then any line containing that point will be a line of symmetry?


What has 2 lines of symmetry and no point symmetry?


What is the point group and symmetry element of CHCl3?

The point group of CHCl3 is C3v, which contains three C3 rotational axes and three perpendicular mirror planes. The symmetry element is a C3 rotation axis passing through the carbon atom and three perpendicular mirror planes that contain the carbon atom.

Does a triangle have point symmetry?

No, a triangle does not have point symmetry. Point symmetry occurs when an object or shape remains the same after being rotated 180 degrees around a central point. In the case of a triangle, it does not have point symmetry because it does not look the same after a 180-degree rotation.