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The radius and area of a circle if the circumference is 157 are:

  • r = 25
  • A = 1,960
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Q: What is the radius and area of a circle if the circumference is 157?
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What the radius of a circle with a circumference of 157 m?

Radius of circle: 157/2pi = 25 m rounded

The diameter of a wheel is 50ft how do i find the distance around it 8 times?

The distance around any object is called its perimeter. The perimeter of a circle has a specific formula: 2(pi)r where pi is a number that is approximately 3.14 and r represents the circle's radius. In this case we are given the circle's diameter, however remember that the diameter of a circle equals two times its radius. So if: d = 50' and d = 2r Then r = 25' Now plus this radius into or equation to get: 2(3.14)(25) = 157' To get the distance around this circle 8 times, multiply the perimeter by 8: 157' * 8 = 1,256 feet

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What the radius of a circle with a circumference of 157 m?

Radius of circle: 157/2pi = 25 m rounded

What is the circumference of a radius of 25in?

Circumference of a circle = 2*pi*radius Circumference = 2*pi*25 =157.0796327 inches or 157 inches correct to three significant figures.

What is the circumference of a circle of 50 inches?

If the diameter is 50 inch, then the area circumference would be about 157. C=d(pi) 50*3.14=157

A circle has circumference 27.6 cm what is the area use 3.14?

Taking pi as 3.14:- Radius: 27.6/(2*3.14) = 690/157 cm Area of circle: 3.14*(690/157) squared = 60.65 square cm rounded to 2 decimal places

What is the circumference of a radius of 50 inches?

157 inches.

What is the circumference when the radius is 25 FT?

157 ft

If the diameter is 25 what is the circumference?

Circle circumference = 2 pi d = 2 (3.14 ) 25 = 157

If the radius equals 25 in using 3.14 for pie what is the circumference?

Circumference = 2*pi*r Circumference = 2*3.14*25 => 157 inches

How do you find the diameter of a circle if its circumference is 157 meters using 3.14 for pi?

Diameter: 157/3.14 = 50 meters

What is The circumference when the radius is 25 in?

THE FORMULA FOR FINDING THE CIRCUMFERENCE IS:CIRCUMFERENCE EQUALS DIAMETER TIMES 3.14In basic words:What do you know?You know you need to find the circumference of the circle, which is the distance all the way around the circle.You know the radius is 25 inches, the radius is the measurement from the center to the circumference of the circle.You know the formula needs the diameter, a diameter being the length of a line connecting two points on the circumference, touching the center of the circle, maintaining a straight line.With all this information, you can figure out that the radius is half the diameter.Now, begin your math.Problem: What is the circumference of a circle when you know the radius is 25 inches?Formula: Circumference= Diameter X 3.14 which is known as pi.Radius Diameter CircumferenceR=25 D=R times 2Replace variable R with the correct number:2525 multiplied by 2 is 50 which means that D=5050 multiplied by 3.14 is 157The circumference is 157

How many linear feet are in a 50 foot diameter circle?

625*pi, or approximately 1,963 square feet This is the answer for square feet or area of the circle. pi*radius squared . The linear feet or circumference is found by multiplying the diameter times pi. answer is 50*pi or about 157 feet rounding pi to 3.14

What is the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 50 ft?

C = pi * d C = 3.14 * 50 C = 157

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