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Approximatly 50inches

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Q: What is the radius of a circle that has a circumference of 314 inches?
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What is the surface area of a circle with a circumference of 314 inches?

Circumference = 314 inches implies radius = 49.97 inches and so area = 7846.02 sq inches (approx).

What is the circumference of a circle with a 10 cm radius?

about 314

How do you get the radius of the circle with the circumference?

divide the circumference by pie (3.14) and the answer would be the radius. for example circumference = 314 pie = 3.14 so 314 divide by 3.14 = 100 so the radius = 100

What is the diameter of a circle whose circumference is 314?

The diameter of a circle whose circumference is 314 is about 1 (99.95).

What is the radius and circumference of a sphere when its surface area covers 314 square inches taking pi as 3.14 and showing your work?

Surface area of the sphere: 4*3.14*radius2 = 314 square inches Divide both sides by 4*3.14 and then square root both sides to find the radius: Radius = 5 inches Circumference = 2*3.14*5 = 31.4 inches

What is the radius of a circle if its circumference is about 314 feet?

You have to use the equationcircumference is equal to the radius multiplied by "pi" multiplied by twoC = 2 * π * rBecause your circumference is a known value, the only unknown value left is the radius. Simply solve the equation.314 / (2*π) = rr = 50.0 feet

If the area of a circle is 314 square inches what is the circumference of the circle?

62.8 inches. the formula for a circle's area is a = pi x r squared. substitute 3.14 for pi and 314 for a. 314 = 3.14 x r squared (divide both sides by 3.14) v 100 = r squared (find the square root of both sides) v r = positive or negative 10 . since it stands for the radius of a circle, it has to be positive. now that you know the circle's radius, you can solve the circumference formula, c = 2 x pi x r. c = 2 x 3.14 x 10 c = 62.8

What is the diameter of a circle if the circumference 314 feet?

Diameter = 314/pi feet

What is the radius of a circle if its area is 314?


What is circumference of a circle whose area is 314 squared?

The circumference is 62.815 units.

How do you get the circumference out of the area?

you divide by pi (3.14) then take the square root, then multiply by 2 and multiply by pi (3.14) that order i.e. if you have a circle with area of 314 square inches, you take the 314 and divide by get 100...then you take the square root of get 10...then you multiply by get 20...then you multply by get 62.8 inches...thats the circumference of a circle with an area of 314 square inches

What is the area of a circle with a radius of 10mm?

314 sqmm

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