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The radius of a cylinder is independent of its height.

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Q: What is the radius of a cylinder if the height is 27 centimeters?
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What happens to the volume of a cylinder if the radius and height are tripled?

The original volume is multiplied by 27.

What is the volume of a cone whose radius is 4 and its height is 27?

A cone whose radius is 4 and its height is 27 has a volume of 452.4 units3

What is the height of a cube shaped box if its volume is 27 cubic centimeters?

3 centimeters

If a cylinder height is 27 meter and its width is 7 meter . And the cylinder contain 11 meter liqued. how can I calculate the volume of cylinder?

V=(pi)(r)(r)(h) where r is the radius and h is the height. V=(pi)(3.5)(3.5) (17) The volume is about 654.24 cubic meters.

How much water is in a cylinder 60 inches wide by 27 inches deep?

the volume of the cylinder is height*pi*radius^2, in this case 27*3.14*30^2, equaling 76,341 cubic inches. Since 1 cubic inch = .004329 gallons, the answer is ~330 gallons

What is the height of a cone with 27 volume and radius 3?

2.864788976 units in height Check: 1/3*pi*9*2.864788976 = 27 cubic units

What is the diameter of a circle if the radius is 27 cm?

When you have the radius of a circle and you are trying to find the diameter, multiply the radius by two; the answer is the diameter. If you have the diameter and want to find the radius, divide the diameter by two; the answer will be the radius. The diameter is 54 centimeters.

How does the volume of a cone change if its radius and height are both tripled?

The volume of a cone is pi(r2h)/3 If the radius and height are both tripled, plugging this into the equation gives us pi(3h(3r)2)/3 =pi(3h9r2)/3 =27pi(r2h)/3 which is 27 times the initial volume. Thus if the radius and height of a cone are tripled, the volume multiplies by 27.

What is the height of a cylinder radius 3 in volume equals 367.38 in?

Use the equation V = (pi)(r^3)(h) r = radius ; h = height 367.38 = (pi)(3^3)(h) 367.38 = (pi)(27)(h) - Use (pi = 3.14) 367.38 = (3.14)(27)(h) 367.38 = (84.78)(h) - Divide both sides by 84.78 h = 4.3 or 4 1/3

27 inches is what in centimeters?

27 inches = 68.58 centimeters.

How big is 27 centimeters?

27 centimeters is 10.63 inches.

How many centimeters are there in 27 mm?

27 millimeters is 2.7 centimeters.

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