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Q: What is the shape of the cross section of a cube if the cut is made across the diagonal of the cube?
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What shape does diagonal cross section of a rectangular prism create?

It is a rectangle.

What is a cross section of a shape?

The cross section of a shape refers to the shape obtained when the given shape is cut across a straight line. The cross section of a shape helps viewers to view inside of a given object by cutting through it.

What shape would be in a Diagonal Cross Section Of A Cylinder?

an oval hemispere * * * * * The cross section must be 2-dimensional so it cannot be a hemispere - or hemisphere, even. I suggest the shape is lenticular: the shape of a convex lens (with equal radii of curvature).

Why was the cross section useful?

The cross section is useful as it cuts across any type of shape. This is useful for architects who will be able to see the finer details of a structure.

What is a cross section in math?

The cross section, of a 3D object, is the 2D shape made when a 2D plane cuts across the 3D object. Often "cross section" refers to the shape made when the plane is at right angles to an axis of the 3D object but this need not be the case.

What is a cross section of a cuboid?

The cross-section of a cuboid is unified in the shape of a square or a rectangle.

What does saltire mean?

A Saltire is a diagonal or St. Andrew's Cross - a cross, that is, in the shape of a letter X

Why are plants cut in a diagonal shape while grafting?

The diagonal cut gives a larger cross sectional surface area, hence it is easier for sap to move from one section to the other. Diagonal cut also provides proper bandage to hold the graft.

What is the Shape of a cross section?

A circle.

What shape is the cross-section of a sphere?

A circle.

What is a horizontal cross section of a shape is the shape's?

It is sometimes referred to as the shape's "plan".

A cross section of cylinder along its length has the shape of?

The cross section of cylinder along its length (parallel to the axis of symmetry has the shape of a rectangle.

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