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The interior angles add up to 1800 degrees

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Q: What is the sum of the measures of the interior angles of a polygon with twelve sides?
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How many degrees in all are there in a dodecagon-a twelve sided polygon?

Exterior angles add up to 360 degrees Interior angles add up to 1800 degrees

Measurement of the interior angle of a dodecagon?

Example: a regular dodecagon (twelve sides) The sum of the interior angles of any regular polygon of n sides is equal to 180(n - 2) degrees. 180 x 10 = 1800 There are twelve angles. 1800/12 = 150

A polygon has twelve vertices how many sides the polygon have?

12 sides, 12 angles, 12 vertices

What is the measure of an interior angle of a regular twelve-sided polygon?

150 degrees

Whats the name of a twelve sided shape?

A dodecagon is a polygon that has twelve sides. A regular dodecagon has twelve internal angles of 150 degrees each.

If a polygon has length of 4 units and angles 60 degrees What is the perimeter?

Twelve is my guess. The question is unclear. A polygon does not have one "length".

What do you call a twelve side shape?

Dodecagon A polygon which has 12 straight sides. A regular dodecagon has all 12 sides equal and all interior angles equal. An older word for dodecagon is duodecagon.

What is the measure of an exterior angle of a twelve sided polygon?

If the 12-sided polygon is 'regular', then each of its exterior angles is 30 degrees. Whether the polygon is regular or not, all 12 of its exterior angles still add up to 360 degrees, but they may not all be equal.

What is a twelve sided polygon named?

A twelve sided polygon is called a dodecagon.

What is the name of twelve side polygon?

A twelve sided polygon is called a dodecahedron. No, that is a twelve faced solid (3-D) object. A 12 sided polygon is a dodecagon.

How many different angles would be formed by a transversal intresecting three parrelle lines?

There would be twelve angles in all: six each of two complementary measures (or 12 right angles).

What is a dodecohedron?

a twelve sided polygon

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