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The stick used to play a triangle in a musical setting is called a beater.....

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Q: What is the triangle stick named?
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Who named the triangle triangle?

Ms.Gary Lorence named the triangle a triangle

Who first named the triangle pascals triangle?


Who named the triangle?


Where does the name Bermuda triangle came from?

it is between the three islands out of one is named bermuda and it is triangle shape hence it is named as bermuda triangle

Why is it known as the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is named after the island of Bermuda.

How is the triangle played?

You hold the string at the top of the triangle (with the triangle now dangling) and lightly tap the bottom part of the triangle with the given metal stick. To buzz, take the metal stick and ring quickly in the corner with the touching sides. Taddah!

What is the name of the stick used to play the triangle?

With a beater

How was a triangle named?

Well, tri means three and a triangle has three angles.

What mathematician has a triangle named after him?

There are a few mathematical triangles, the two that immediately spring to mind are Pascal's Triangle, named after Blaise Pascal, and the Sierpiński Triangle, named after Polish mathematician Wacław Sierpiński.

Who is pascals triangle named after?

Blaise Pascal.

What is a triangle with an obtuse angle called?

There are five different types of triangles named after their angles. Right triangle, Acute triangle, Isosceles Triangle ,equilateral triangle, and obtuse triangle. The Obtuse Triangle is the triangle with an obtuse angle.

Which famous mathmation had the triangle named after him?

Blaise pascal

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