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The cube has six sides and the total surface area is 600 square cm.

Hence each surface is 100 square cm and hence the side is 10 cm.

Hence the volume of a cube with side 10 cm = 10 x 10 x 10 cubic cm = 1000 cubic cm

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Q: What is the volume of a cube with surface area of 600 square centimeters?
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What is the surface area and volume of a cube with a edge of 2 centimeters?

The surface area and volume of a cube with an edge of 2 centimeters are:Surface area = 24 square cmVolume = 8 cubic cm

If a cube has a volume of 27 cubic centimeters what is the area?

Its entire surface area is 6*9 = 54 square cm

What feature of a cylinder uses the given unites...centimeter...square centimeters...and cubic centimeters?

Length, diameter and radius are measured in centimeters. Surface area is measured in square centimeters. Volume is measured in cubic centimeters.

Does volume surface area have cm square?

Volume does not, surface area does.

What is the surface area and volume aea of 0.5 cm x 0.5 cm x 6.0 cm?

First, note that a surface has area, but a solid figure has volume. There is no such thing as "volume area". Now, to find the volume is easy, assuming all surface angles are right angles. Just multiply .5 * .5 * 6 = 1.5 cubic centimeters. Surface area is a little harder. The surface will consist of two .5 by .5 squares and four .5 by 6 rectangles. (The best way to see this is to draw a picture.) So we have 2 times .25 square centimeters plus 4 times .5 times 6 square centimeters, which equals .5 + 12 = 12.5 square centimeters surface area.

What is the difference between square centimeters and cubic centimeters?

Square centimeters is a measure of surface area. Cubic centimeters are a measure of volume. A cube that's 20 cm on an edge would have 6 surfaces, each 400 square cm in size, giving a total surface of 2400 square centimeters - slightly less than 1/4 of a square meter. That same cube would have a volume of 8,000 cubic centimeters (which would be 8 liters.)

What is the volume of a cube with a total surface area of 4374 square centimeters?

It is: 4374/6 = 729 and its square root is 27 Volume: 27*27*27 = 19683 cubic cm

What is the surface area in square centimeters of a hemisphere that has a radius of 14 centimeters?

Total surface area = 1847.26 sq cm.

How much surface area was gained by dividing up the 100 cm cube into 1 cm cubes?

The total surface area of a 100 by 100 cm cube is 60,000 square centimeters. Each smaller cube has a surface area of 6 square centimeters for a total of 6,000,000 square centimeters. This is a gain of 5,940,000 square centimeters.

What is a A sphere whose volume in cubic centimeters is 400?

A sphere with this volume has a diameter of 9.1416 cm, a surface area of 262.54 square cm and a circumference of 28.719 cm.

Is a cell's surface area is 6 centimeters and its volume is one centimeter then what is its ratio of surface area to volume?

The volume cannot be 1 centimetre since that is not an appropriate unit for measuring volume.

What feature of a cylinder uses square centimeters?

The surface area of a cylinder is measured in square units, and could be measured in square centimeters.