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Symbols= greater than (>), less than (<), and equal to (=)

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Q: What mathematical symbols and notations did Thomas Harriot create?
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When did Thomas Harriot die?

Thomas Harriot died in 1621.

Is Thomas harriot was Thomas Jefferson?


Where did Thomas Harriot live?


Did Thomas harriot get married?


When did Thomas Harriott die?

Thomas Harriot died in 1621 and was born in 1560

First person to view the moon by telescope?

Thomas Harriot

Who was the first person to view the moon with a Telescope?

It was Thomas Harriot

How do you spell Harriot?

The surname may be Harriot (astronomer Thomas) or Herriot (author James), and the female given name is usually Harriet.

What is the name of this symbol that thomas harriot developed that he saw on a native american's arm?

This story is almost certainly false. The claim is that Harriot saw a tattoo which resembled overlapping and opposing chevrons (>< imagine these two moved so that the points overlap); he is then supposed to have created the signs for "greater than" and "less than" from this single symbol.In fact, Harriot never used those signs in his mathematical studies. They only appeared in a book published after his death and were almost certainly the idea of some other scholar - and nothing to do with native American tattoos.

When was Thomas Spencer - mathematical physicist - born?

Thomas Spencer - mathematical physicist - was born in 1946.

What did Thomas Harriot use the telescope for?

He was the first person to make a drawing of the Moon through a telescope, on July 26, 1609.

What are the contributions of Thomas Harriot in mathematics?

He is a very helpful man, smart, intelergent, likes life. ps. i can speak chineaee ;D