What object has a height width depth?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A three dimensional object

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Any 3-dimensional object.

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Q: What object has a height width depth?
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What has height width and depth?

An edge* * * * *No. An edge is a line, which is a 1 dimensional concept. A solid object (a 3-dimensional object) will have height, width and depth.

What is a 3 d shape?

A 3D shape stands for Three-Dimensional. The three dimensions are Height, Width and Depth. A line just has height, so it is 1D. A polygon has both Height and width so it's 2D. A three dimensional object has all three; Height, Width and Depth.________^Height/Length = 1D-------------------| || | Depth |/ |----------------- |

What is multiplied to find the volume of a rectangular object?

width x height x depth or length x width x height

In what order do you show width height depth in inches?

width, depth and height

What is the formula for determining volume of an object?

Length times width times height LxWxH=V

What are some word you can use to describe an object's size?

length width height depth ...

What is height width dept means?

Height - is the distance from the ground to the top of an object... width is the distance across the widest part... and depth is the measurement from front to back.

What formula do you use to find the volume of an object?

Volume = height x width x depth

How do you get cubic inches?

by measuring the height, width, and depth of an object. Can be used as an english unit for volume.

What is the word for a three-dimensional object with height width and depth?

The answer is in the question it is a 3D object such as a pyramid, a cone, a cylinder, a cuboid ... etc

How do you find the height of a rectangular box given the width depth and volume?

height * width * depth = volume height = volume / (depth * width) Volume = lengthXwidthXheight V=LWH H=V/LW

What is the width height and depth of a lacrosse goal?

Width = 6 feet Height = 6 feet Depth = 7 feet