What represents 4 square miles?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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what repersent 4square miles

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Q: What represents 4 square miles?
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What is the area of a four mile square?

A four mile square is a square, each of whose sides is 4 miles long. Its area will be 4 miles * 4 miles = 16 square miles.

What is 260000 square miles converted into miles?

260,000 square miles is already in miles as it represents the area covered by a square that is 260,000 miles on each side.

What is the number of square miles?

Can you provide more context or specify what area you are referring to? Square miles is a unit of area measurement.

Formula for perimeter of a square?

The formula for the perimeter of a square is P equals 4 times a. 'P' represents the perimeter, and 'a' represents a side of the square.

If 1 inch on a map represents 40 miles then how many inch represents 10 miles?

10 miles = 1/4 inch

Is square miles the same as miles square?

Yes, the same.I have different takeExample:4 square miles--- equals 2 miles by 2 miles- equals 2 mi, squared.4 miles squared- equals 16 square miles---- equals 4 mi. per side.

What is the approximate square miles of the polar tundra?

4 square miles

What is the land area percent of Utah in square miles?

Utah has a land area of about 82,170 square miles. This represents about 87% of the total area of the state.

How many acres is 4 miles by 2.5 miles?

4 miles by 2.5 miles is 10 Square Miles = 6400 Acres

.4 miles equal how many square feet?

0.4 square miles (o.4 mi^2) = 11,151,360 square feet.

How many square miles burned in the great Chicago fire?

About 4 square miles.

What is the perimeter of a square if the area is 144 square miles?

It is: 4*12 = 48 miles