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A square.

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Q: What shape does the base of a rectangular prism have?
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What is the base shape of a rectangular prism have?

It is a rectangle.

How are a rectangular prism and a triangular the same?

No. The 'rectangular' or 'triangular' refer to the shape of the base of the prism. These are different.

What is the base shape of a triangular prism have?

It is normally rectangular in shape.

Base of a rectangular prism?

A rectangular prism is a three dimensional shape. The two bases are squares and the four sides are rectangles.

All prisms take their names from the shape of what?

Their base shape. For example a rectangular prism has base that is a rectangle. Guess what kind of base shape a triangular prism has? yes, triangle.

How is rectangular prism and cylinder different?

Everything! The base, the formulas, the shape!

What is the shape of a rectangular prism base?

A rectangle!

What is the base of a rectangular prism?

The base of a rectangular prism is a base of a rectangle!

How are a triangular prism and a rectangular prism are they different?

a triangular prism is different from a rectangular prism because: their names are different a triangular prism has a triangle for its' base a rectangular prism has a rectangle base a triangular prism has less sides than a rectangular prism a rectangular prism has more sides than a triangular prism

What shape has 12 edges and 6 rectangular faces?

A rectangular prism.

What is the shape of a rectangular prism?

a rectangular prism is like a juice box

What shape has a triangle as a base and it has 3 rectangular faces?

most likely a triangular prism