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A triangular prism, where the two ends are triangles.

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Q: What shape has 5 faces where two opposite faces are triangles and 3 are rectangles?
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What 3D shape has 5 faces two opposite faces that are triangles and the other faces are rectangles?

triangular prisom

What shape has three faces that are rectangles and two faces are triangles?

triangular prism

What 3D shape has 5 faces and rectangles and triangles?

A triangular pyramid.

What shape has 5 faces 3 rectangles 2 triangles?

A triangular prism.

what 3 D shape has 4 rectangles and 2 triangles?

There is no 3D shape with 6 faces: 4 rectangles and 2 triangles. See the link for all forms of hexahedra.

What shape has 5 faces what are made of rectangles and triangles?

Triangular prisms and Rectangular pyramids

What 3d shape is 5 faces and made up of rectangles and triangles?

Triangular Prism

You are a three dimensional shape your faces are either triangles or rectangles you have 6 vertices you have 9 edges what shape are you?

A triangular prism.

What is the name of the solid shape that has 3 faces that are rectangles and two faces that are triangles with nine edges and six vertices?

Triangular prism

What is a 3 dimensional shape that has 5 faces 3 are small rectangles and 2 are large rectangles?

There isn't: for all faces to be rectangles there have to be 6, of which opposite sides are equal in length and breadth. (A cuboid)

What shape has 2 opposite identical faces and some other faces which are rectangles?

a cuboid * * * * * A prism, of which, a cuboid is a special case.

What shape is a cuboid?

It is a three dimensional shape whose faces are rectangles. There are three pairs of congruent parallel rectangles opposite each other. A smooth brick or box are good examples.

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