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This is a cube

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Q: What shape has 6 faces that are congruent 8 vertices and 12 edges?
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What shape has 2 congruent bases five faces six vertices and nine edges?

Triangular prism. 9 faces, six vertices, and nine edges right?

What is the shape that has four congruent triangular faces four vertices six edges?

A TETRAHEDRON has four congruent triangular faces four vertices six edges. "Tetra" means "four" in Greek "Hedron" means "sided"

What shape has 2 congruent bases 5 faces 6 vertices and 9 edges?

A triangular prism.

What shape am i i have 4 congruent triangles as my faces?

You are a triangular based pyramid (tetahedron) with 4 faces, 6 edges and 4 vertices.

What shape has five faces six vertices nine edges and two congruent bases?

A triangle based prism.

What shape has 2 different sets of congruent faces and 12 edges?

A cuboid could fit the given description which as 12 edges, 6 faces and 8 vertices

What shape has no faces no vertices and no edges?

It is a cylinder

Shape with 12 edges 6 faces 8 vertices?

A cube or a cuboid has 12 edges, 6 faces and 8 vertices.* * * * *or the more general shape: a parallelepiped.A rectangular prism, for one. A cube is a specialized case of this, where all 6 faces are congruent squares.

What shape has 0faces 0 edges 0 vertices?

A sphere has no faces, edges, or vertices.

What shape has 12 edges 6 faces and 8 vertices?

what shape has 6 faces,12 edges,and 8 vertices

Which 3d shape has the same number of edges vertices and faces?

Sphere ( 0 faces , 0 edges , 0 vertices )

What is a shape that has equal number of faces equal number edges and equal number of vertices?

A sphere- there are no faces, edges or vertices

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