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Square Pyramid

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Q: What shape has a square bottom and triangular sides?
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What shape are the sidesof a square pyramid?

The sides are triangular in shape.

What is a shape called with 2 triangular sides and two square sides?


What three dimensional shape is a tent?

Depends on the tent. if it has a square bottom, and a triangular base. and triangular sides, then it would be a pyramid. A more general answer would be a polyhedron.

What does base number of sides mean?

The base being the bottom of a shape. A pyramid with a square base has 4 sides. A pyramid with a triangular base has 3 sides.

What is the name for a square base 4 triangle shape?

A shape with a square base and four triangular sides is a pyramid.

How many sides is there on a pyramid?

Pyramids are classified by the shape of their base. A triangular pyramid has a triangular base and three triangular side faces. A square pyramid has a square base and four triangular sides. A pentagonal pyramid has a pentagonal base and five triangular sides. A hexagonalpyramid has a hexagonal base and six triangular sides, and so on.

What is this shape you are a geometric solid you have one square base you also have 4 triangular sides?

A Square Pyramid.

Definition of a square pyramid?

A pyramid with a square base, like the great pyramids of Egypt or Mexico. The bottom is square and they have four equal and identical triangular sides. This makes them different from a tetrahedron, a pyramid with a triangular base and three triangular sides.

What is the shape of the side in a square pyramid?

at the bottom is is a square and triangle on the sides

What geometric shape has five sides?

A pentagon has fives sides, or if you mean a three dimensional shape, a pyramid has five sides, four triangular and one square.

What is the Name of shape with three rectangular sides and two triangular sides?

The name of a shape with three rectangular sides and two triangular sides is a triangular prism. The common pup tent has this shape.

What is the difference between a triangular and a square pyramid?

a triangular pyramid is a shape with 5 sides and looks like a triangle just 3d wall a square pyramid has 6 sides and is like a square just 3d

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