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Square Pyramid

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Q: What shape has a square bottom and triangular sides?
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What shape are the sidesof a square pyramid?

The sides are triangular in shape.

What three dimensional shape is a tent?

Depends on the tent. if it has a square bottom, and a triangular base. and triangular sides, then it would be a pyramid. A more general answer would be a polyhedron.

What is a shape called with 2 triangular sides and two square sides?


What does base number of sides mean?

The base being the bottom of a shape. A pyramid with a square base has 4 sides. A pyramid with a triangular base has 3 sides.

What is the Name of shape with three rectangular sides and two triangular sides?

A tetragon or a quadrilateral, like a square or rectangle.

What is the name for a square base 4 triangle shape?

A shape with a square base and four triangular sides is a pyramid.

How many sides is there on a pyramid?

Pyramids are classified by the shape of their base. A triangular pyramid has a triangular base and three triangular side faces. A square pyramid has a square base and four triangular sides. A pentagonal pyramid has a pentagonal base and five triangular sides. A hexagonalpyramid has a hexagonal base and six triangular sides, and so on.

Definition of a square pyramid?

A pyramid with a square base, like the great pyramids of Egypt or Mexico. The bottom is square and they have four equal and identical triangular sides. This makes them different from a tetrahedron, a pyramid with a triangular base and three triangular sides.

What is this shape you are a geometric solid you have one square base you also have 4 triangular sides?

A Square Pyramid.

What is the shape of the base of an Egyptian pyramid?

The original tombs were rectangles, known as bastabas. The dead were buried beneath them. Soon, the rectangle was changed to pyramids. Later tombs were dug beneath the ground with no particular shape.

What geometric shape has five sides?

A pentagon has fives sides, or if you mean a three dimensional shape, a pyramid has five sides, four triangular and one square.

What is the difference between a triangular and a square pyramid?

a triangular pyramid is a shape with 5 sides and looks like a triangle just 3d wall a square pyramid has 6 sides and is like a square just 3d