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Its 4th side would have to be circular in order to comply with the given requirements.

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Q: What shape is a quadrilateral with 3 equal sides but no parallel sides?
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What is a quadrilateral with no parallel sides and no equal sides?

In the U.S., that is a specific kind of "trapezium", which is a quadrilateral with no parallel sides.AnswerA quadrilateral with no parallel sides and no equal sides is basically just that, a quadrilateral.

What is a quadrilateral a pair of parallel and a pair of equal sides?

A quadrilateral has four sides that may or may not be equal or parallel If two sides are parallel and the other sides equal but not parallel it is a trapezoid

Can a quadrilateral have no parallel sides?

yes it is possibe for a quadrilateral to have no equal sides

What shape is quadrilateral and opposite sides parallel and all of the sides are equal in length and dont have right angles?


What quadrilateral has 2 pairs of sides with equal length and 2 pairs of opposite parallel sides?

A parallelogram is such a shape.

What plane shape has all sides equal and opposite sides parallel?

Square. Square is a quadrilateral and all sides are equal and opposite sides are parallel, the sum of the interior angle measure 3600.

What is this 4 sided shape has 2 parallel sides?

a parallelogram is a quadrilateral with four parallel sides. a trapezoid is a quadrilateral with two parallel sides.

What quadrilateral shape has 4 right angles opposite sides equal in length and parallel?

A rectangle.

Which shape has 4 sides 1 right angle and 2 equal sides?

It is an irregular quadrilateral. It cannot have any parallel sides.

What shape is a quadrilateral and has parallel sides?

A triangle

What is a polygon with four sides and no parallel sides?

A shape with four non-parallel sides is an irregular quadrilateral. If the quadrilateral is bilaterally symmetrical, it is a deltoid (kite shape).

Which quadrilateral has two pair of equal sides but no parallel sides?

A kite has two pairs of equal sides with no parallel sides.