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Polyhedrons such as pyramids and cuboids

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Q: What types of shape are solid shapes what is the name for it?
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Why cuboid is a solid shape?

Because CUBOID it is a name given to a certain kind of solid shape.

What is the name of shapes that are not the same size but are the same shape?


What is another name for a 3 dimensional shape?

A solid shape.

What shape is a could?

A cloud? I don't think the shape has a name. Cloud-shaped, I guess? D:========================Clouds have irregular shapes and geometers do not have names for such shapes.However, cloud shapes do fall into families and the types of clouds have been studied and classified and given names.The related link below may be helpful.

What is a special name for a shape with 4 sides?

in 2d shapes a quadrilateral

What is another name for a 3d shape?

A solid.

What is the general name for a 3D shape?

A solid

What are the basic shapes of bacteria and the name of each shape?

i dont know a sploch

What is the 3d shape name for a vase?

Vases come in all sorts of shapes.

What is other name of 3-d shape?

A solid

What is the name of a shapes with no names?

N-gon for a closed plane figure bounded by straight line segments as sides, or otherwise try just "Shape"

What shape has two bases that are regular polygons?

It is simply a shape which has two bases which are regular polygons. There is no special name for such shapes.