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Any angle between 0 degrees and 90 degrees is called an "acute" angle.

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Angle a is 80 degrees, what is the measure of angle d?

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Q: Which angle measures 80 degrees
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What is the third angle if one angle measures 30 degrees and the other measures 70 degrees?

If you're talking about a triangle, the third angle is 80 degrees.

acute angel?

an angle that measures less than 80 degrees

What measures of the three angles of a triangle form an arithmetic sequence If the smallest angle measures 45 degrees What is the number of degrees in measure of the largest angle?


What is the measure of an angle that is supplementary to an angle that measures 80?

Supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees so it is 100 degrees

An angle that measures 210 degrees is?

An angle that measures 210 degrees is a reflex angle.

Triangle ABC has angle measures of mA 30 degrees mB 70 degrees and mC 80 degrees What is the measure of the exterior angle at C?

100 degrees

What is the instrument used to measurea angle?

A protractor measures degrees: 90, 80, 120 etc. If something is 90 degrees it is at a right angle

An exterior angle at the base of an isosceles triangle measures 130 find the measure of the vertex angle?

80 degrees.

How Many Degrees a right angle measures?

a right angle measures 90 degrees

A triangle has one angle that measures 19 degrees one angle that measures 121 degrees and one angle that measures 40 degrees?

right triangle

What type of triangle has an angle that measures 20 degrees and an angle that measures ninety degrees?

It is a right angle triangle and its 3rd angle is 70 degrees.

What If a triangle has angles whose measures are 55 and 80 what is the measure of the third angle?

The 3rd angle is: 180-55-80 = 45 degrees

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