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Diametre is, since diametre = 2*radius

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2011-11-22 20:45:18
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Q: Which is longer radius or diameter?
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Which is longer radius diameter?

diameter is longer. radius is half of diameter

What is longer a diameter or the radius?


Which is shorter radius or diameter?

Diameter = exactly double the radius, so the diameter is always longer.

How much longer is the diameter form the radius?

The diameter is twice as large as the radius.

Calculating radius and diameter?

Radius = Diameter/2 Diameter = 2* Radius

How do you get the diameter from the radius?

to get the diameter from the radius you simply multiply the radius by 2 since the radius is half the diameter. d=2r where d = diameter and r = radius

How do you get the radius when you have the diameter?

radius = diameter/2

What is the Diameter to a radius of a circle?

A radius is one half of a diameter so divide by two to get from a diameter to a radius. Or you can multiply the radius by 2 to get to the diameter.

Is circumference shorter or longer then radius or diameter?

It's longer than both. The circumference - is the distance around the circle... The diameter - is the distance across the circle, passing through the centre... The radius - is the distance from the centre of the circle to the edge.

The length of a radius is the length of a diameter?

The length of a radius is not the length of a diameter. The diameter is two times the length of the radius.

What is radius if diameter is 8?

The radius is half the diameter. So, if the diameter is 8, then the radius is 4.

Diameter of circle..its radius?

A radius is half of a diameter. Example Diameter:4 Radius:2

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