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what shape has 2 faces 0 edges and 0 corners

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Q: Which shape has 2 faces 0 corners and 0 edges?
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What shape has 2 faces 2 edges 0 corners?

mobius strip

How many faces corners and edges has a cylinder?

A cilinder has: 3 faces, 0 corners and 2 edges.

How many edges and corners and faces dose a circle have?

2 edges, 0 corners, 2 faces

How many faces edges corners are in a cone?

There are exactly 0 faces and edges in a cone .

What has 2 faces 2 edges and 0 corners?

No such shape exists. The closest contenders would be: a cylinder - 3 faces, 2 edges, 0 verticies or a cone - 2 faces, 1 edge, 1 vertex

How many edges and corners a ball has?

A ball has no faces, that is y it has no edges and no

How much corners edges and faces does a circle base pyramid have?

0 corners, infinity edges and 1 face

What have 0 corners and 2 edges and 3 faces?

A cylinder

How many edges corners and faces does a cylinder have?

2 edges (curved), 0 corners, and 3 faces (one of which is not flat) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A cylinder has 0 vertices (corners), 0 edges, and 2 faces. If you need convincing, my proof is Euler's formula, which which relates all three and is true for all solids in Euclidean 3-space: V + F - E = 2 0 + 2 - 0 = 2 You cannot consider the curved boundaries when counting faces or edges.

What shape has 2 faces 0 edges and 0 vertex?

The shape you're looking for that has 2 faces, 0 edges, and 0 vertices would be a cylinder.

Which 3d shape has the same number of edges vertices and faces?

Sphere ( 0 faces , 0 edges , 0 vertices )

What shape has 0faces 0 edges 0 vertices?

A sphere has no faces, edges, or vertices.

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