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Invisible lines!

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Q: Which types of lines match these equations?
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What types of lines would be the result of an inconsistent system of equation?

If you refer to linear equations, graphed as straight lines, two inconsistent equations would result in two parallel lines.

Which type of lines match these equations 4y plus 8x equals 20 y equals -2x plus 5?

The two equations represent the same straight line.

Which type o lines match these equations x 2y plus 6 4y 2x-12?

Without any equality signs the given terms can't be considered to be equations.

What type of lines match these equations 3x plus 2y -5 -2x plus 3y -5?

If you mean 3x+2y = -5 and -2x+3y = -5 then they are straight line equations

When lines overlap in a system of equations?

Then they are simultaneous equations.

In geometrey what are two different equations that describe the same line Such lines are called coincident lines?

What do you call equations describing two or more lines

What is true about the lines represented by this system of linear equations?

That they, along with the equations, are invisible!

What are two equations for two lines that will intersect all the time?

They are simultaneous equations.

What are 3 types of evidence that support Pangaea?

fossils match up coast lines fit together coal deposits line up faults match up

What is it called when you solve for two lines of algebraic equations simultaneousley?

Its called Simultaneous Equations

Which type of lines match these equations x plus y10 x-y6?

If you mean: x+y = 10 and x-y = 6 then y = -x+10 and y = x+6 which means the lines are perpendicular to each other

What are the three types of outcomes for linear equations?

All the lines meet at one point: a single solution. All the lines are the same: infinitely many solutions. At least one of the lines does not pass through the point of intersection of the others: no solution.