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This is because there is no limit on rectangualar prisms and most boxes can hold

cube or rectangular prisms not triangular pyrimids or prisms or hexagonal prisms.

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Q: Why Are so Many Products Packed In Rectangular Prisms?
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How many types of prisms are there?

There are many types of prisms such as rectangular prisms,polyganic prisms crossed prisms and etc.

How many edges are on prisms?

There are 48 edges on 4 rectangular prisms.

Why Are so Many Products Packaged in Rectangular Prisms?

The reason for prisims is... think about it! Would it be easy to stack spheres?

What are the dimensions of two rectangular prisms with the same surface area?

Given the surface area of a rectangular prism, there are infinitely many rectangular prisms possible.

How many different rectangular prisms can be formed with 12 cubes?

2 prisms

How many angles do rectangular prisms have?

an angle

How many faces of rectangular prisms?


What two different rectangular prisms have same surface area?

Given any rectangular prism, there are infinitely many other rectangular prisms with exactly the same surface area.

Why is the volume of rectangular prisms important to the world?

Rectangular prisms are shapes which are easy to stack. As a result. many goods are transported in the form of rectangular prisms, or shapes approximating them: eg six packs of cans, ream of printer paper, bundle of newspapers. Furthermore, they are bundled together on palettes, into shipping containers, etc which are also rectangular prisms.

How many corners do 2 rectangular prisms have?

They have 16 corners.

Do all prisms have at least one rectangular face?

All prisms have at least 3. They all have 2 identical polygonal faces which are linked by as many rectangular faces as they have edges.

How many different rectangular prisms can you make with the volume of 24cm?