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because if you shrink or grow a similar figure, it would be congruent.

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Q: Why are two figures similar if their angles are the same?
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How are corresponding angles of two similar figures related?

They have the same measure.

What are features that make two planar figures similar?

If all angles of two polygons are the same the figures are similar (irrespective of rotation).

If two figures are similar then are they also congruent?

No. Two figures are similar if they have same shape, and all the angles are equal; but they can have the sides of different sizes. I mean, similar figures may have different sizes, but must have the same shape.

What makes to two figures similar?

When they have the same interior angles but different side lengths

Is having the same angle measurement enough to make two figures similar?

Yes, if the angles are the same the two figues are similar. The side lengths don't have to be the same.

What does it mean for two figures to be similar?

When two figures are similar it means that its the same size and length and that they both have same features in other words it means that its congruent.Simply put :they have the same shape, same angles and proportional side lengths.

How can you tell if two figures are similar?

Two figures are similar if: - The measures of their corresponding angles are equal. - The ratios of the lengths of the corresponding sides are proportional.

When two plane figures have congruent angles and porportional sides they are?

... similar.

What must be true of the corresponding angles in two similar figures?


What does the scale factor between two similar tell you about the angles?

The two similar shapes will have the same angles

Do two similar figures have to have the same size?


Can a reflection be used to determine if figures are similar?

yes. if the two figures are the same size and shape, then they are similar

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