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I believe it has something to do with the large surface area resulting in lower pressure on the snow (or whatever your skiing on, if not snow) so you don't fall into the snow.

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Q: Why should skis have a large surface area?
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Why do skis have a larger surface area?

The larger the surface area the more pressure can be spread out, therefore it is less likely to fall through the snow. As pressure = f / a.

What are the difference between long jump skis and regular skis?

if by regular skis you mean downhill skis, then longjump skis are similar, but they are nearly twice as long and twice as wide-- the greater surface area makes the ski jumper accelerate faster, thereby allowing him to travel farther off of the jump

Why skis have large area of contact with snow?

To distribute the mass of the skier and thus reduce frictional drag.

Base of skis called?

gliding surface

Why are skis better than wheels for travelling in snow?

Weight is distributed over a larger area, so the skis tend not to sink into the snow as much as wheels would. If and when the skis do 'sink' (into powder, for example) their design makes it easier to guide them toward the surface of the snow. Also, the longer the skis, the faster you can travel on them.

Why do ski jumpers position their skis in a V shape during flight?

They use this position because it creates the most surface area, their skis plus almost their entire body, so they get better lift which is exactly what they want.

Can you use a candle to wax your skis?

i just waxed my skis with a candle that i melted with an iron onto the skis scraped and smoothened the surface..tested the skis on slopes.seems like my skis made a squeeking sound on the snow..but all in all it worked well

Do snowboards or skis go faster?

snowboards, this is because the surface area of the side-ways snowboarder is smaller, so it catches less air molecules.

Why do not we skiers sink in the fresh snow?

We do not sink because the skis have a high surface area compared to our feet, therefore we would float on fresh snow.

When should you get new skis?

You should get new skis when your side wall is shot... When your base is torn up beyond repair... If your skis in in two pieces... If your technology is outdated.

Should an airport be built in Antarctica?

No, an airport is not necessary. The ice provides a solid-enough surface for airplanes to land, especially those quipped with skis.

What size cross country skis for someone 6'1?

That depends a bit. Normal classic skis should be about 6'9. If you go skating they should be 6'5.

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