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The volume is 15,600 cm3

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Q: Write the volume of a cube 25cm on a side using an exponent. Then find the volume.?
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What is the volume of a cube with 25 cm sides?

Volume = length*width*height, which for the 25cm cube are all 25 cm. Vol = 25cm * 25cm * 25cm = 15625 cubic cm = 15.625 cubic decimetres = 15.625 litres.

What is the volume of a sphere with the diameter of 25 cm?

The volume of a sphere with a diameter of 25cm is about 8181.2cm3

How do you write a fraction of 25cm equals ..m?

1m = 100cm 25cm x (1m/100cm) = 0.25m

What is the density of an object having a mass of 0.8g and a volume of 25cm?

The density of the object can be calculated by dividing the mass (0.8g) by the volume (25cm^3). Therefore, the density of the object is 0.8g / 25cm^3 = 0.032 g/cm^3.

What is the volume of a 25Cm metal cube?

The volume of a cube is calculated by: V = s^3, where 's' is the length of one side. If the metal cube has sides that are 25 cm in length, its volume would be 25^3 = 15,625 cubic cm.

How much water is an 25cm of rain per square meter?

volume = depth x length x width or volume = depth x area Your area is 1m² and your depth is 25cm or 0.25 m so.... Volume = .25m x 1m² = .25 m³

What is the mass if the volume is 25cm cubed?

Not knowing what the substance is , or the density , it is impossible to tell.,

What is the area of a square whose side is 25cm in length?

25cm x 25cm = 625cm

How many liters in a 51cm x 25cm x 31cm tank?

The volume of the tank is 51cm x 25cm x 31cm = 39525cm3 1 litre = 1000cm3 ⇒ divide 39525cm3 by 1000 convert to litres ⇒ 39.525 litres.

How many millimeter in 25cm?

25cm = 250mm

A brick has a mass of 100g and a volume of 25cm cubed. what is the density of the brick?

Density is defined as mass divided by volume, therefore: 100g/25cm3 = 4 g/cm3

What fraction of 25cm is 75cm?

75cm/25cm = 3/1, so 75cm is 3 times 25cm.