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How much will it be to fence a area of 418 square ft at 6.95 per foot

This depends on the dimensions of your area. The area could be 2 feet by 209ft, orany other two numbers that, when multiplied together, equal 418. You see you have the area in square feet, but you need to find the perimeter to find this answer, because you would only place a fence around the outside of the area, not on every foot. So, once you know your dimensions or sides of this rectangular area, you can add up the length of walking around the entire outside of the rectangle until you end up where you started, and multiply that number by your amount of money per foot. For example: I'm fencing in a yard that is 10 ft by 6 ft. The area of this yard will be 10ftx6ft=60 square feet. However, I want the perimeter, so I add up the outside of the yard...10ft+6ft+10ft+6ft=32 ft. So I need 32 feet of fencing for the outside length of my yard. If fencing costs 6.95 per foot, like it does in your problem, I now take my perimeter number and multiply this by the money per foot, calculating the total cost of my fencing in the yard. 32 ft x 6.95 = ? This is the part you can do! Hope this helps! Teacheranna

10 square foot equals how many square inches

One square foot has 144 sq inches. Doing the math gives an answer of 1440 square inches.

What is the radius of a circle if the area is 22 square meters

The radius of a circle, if the area is 22 square meters, is: 2.646 meters.

A square room is 784 square feet what is the length of each side of the room

The length of each side of the room is: 28 feet.

How do you get square yards

Multiply the length of yards by the width of yards. That will give you the square yards.

What is the perimeter of an equilateral triangle that measures 4 inch on one side

12 inches

The length and width of a rectangular garden are 3m feet and 4m feet respectively. What is the area of the garden in square feet

It is 12 square feet

How many square meters are in a circle 3.83 meters in diameter

A circle 3.83 meters in diameter has an area of 11.5 square meters.

When is an equiangular triangle not equilateral

If a triangle is equiangular, it will have all equal angles. So, it might be similar to another equiangular triangle, but not congruent. It is not equilateral if the sides are not equal in length. All equiangular triangles are similar, but not all of them are congruent, which means they do not all have corresponding side lengths. But, all equilateral triangles are equiangular.

Enclosing a rectangular area using 34 feet of fence

The area would be 30 square feet.

A bicycle tire has a radius of 13.25 inches how far will the bicycle travel in 40 rotations of the tire

3328.4 inches

Choose the correct version of this statement in conditional form All elephants have trunks

If the animal is an elephant, then it has a trunk((:

Or: If this animal had trunks, it would be an elephant.

A triangle has a base of 10 centimeters and a height of 7 centimeters Which is the total area of the triangle

The formula to calculate the area of a triangle is Half (Base x Height). So 10 x 7 = 70 and 70 divided by 2 = 35. The area of the triangle is 35 square centimeters.

How do you calculate the square meters of a triangle

The area of a triangle is base x height / 2. Height should be perpendicular to base.

How do you find the area of the tabletop

i think its length times width

What is the perimeter of a square with the side length of 4.8 yards

Perimeter = 4*4.8 = 19.2 yards

What is the length of one side of a square the measures 324 inches

It depends what the 324 inches refers to. It cannot be the area since an area is measured in square inches, not inches. The question is unnecessary if the 324 inches refers to the length of the sides. If 324 inches is the perimeter, then the length of one side is 324/4 = 81 inches.

What length of fencing should be purchased to enclose the entire circupar patio with a rafius of 10 feet

Length of fencing needed = 2*pi*10 = 20*pi feet

What is the area of a square triangle which base is 32 and its height is 15

area of any triangle is 1/2 x base x height.

What is logically equivalent to a converse statement

An obverse statement is logically equivalent.

What is the greatest possible area for a rectangle

Area of any rectangle in square units is its length multiplied by its width.

What is the length of a rectangular

the length of a rectangular garden is 2 feet longer than 3 times it's width .if the perimeter of the garden is 100 feet find the width and length of the garden

What is the circumference of a tire that have a radius of 10 inches

Assume the tire has the shape of the circle, in that case, you just multiply the radius by 2 x pi to get the circumference.

The area of a triangle is 15 square meters. The base is 1 meter less than the height.What is the height of the triangle

The height of the triangle is 6 meters

True or false the radius r of circle is the distance across the circle through its center

False because that would be the diameter of the circle.

What is the height of a triangle when the area is 36 square meters and the base is 8 meters

The height of the triangle works out as 9 meters

What is the inverse of the following conditional If the weather is fair then I will take a walk

The inverse is: if the weather is not fair then I will take a walk.

Two angles that have a common vertex and a common side are called supplementary angles. T or F


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