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What is the term for the set of all points in a plane that are the same distance from a given point

This is the definition of a circle.

This is formed when a cavern roof collapses


The outermost layer of the earth is

The crust is the outermost layer of the Earth.

The Hawaiian Islands are formed by these ocean structures

sea mounts

The Hawaiian islands were formed by volcanoes. Volcanoes have two methods of formation, convergence of tectonic plates at the edges of the plates, and hot spots under the middle of plates. The Hawaiian islands and others in that area were formed when magma from the mantle rose to Earth's surface through a certain spot in the middle of the plate (i.e., the Pacific Plate for the Hawaiian Islands). This hot spot is situated beneath the center of the plate, and the volcano above moves with the plate as it moves, but the hot spot stays in place. This causes the original volcano to become extinct when its move cuts it off from its magma source and an island is born. A new volcano will then form above the hot spot again. This process repeats as the plate moves and a string of volcanoes (and eventually, islands) will dot the surface of the plate as the movement continues away from the hot spot.

The Gutenberg Discontinuity is found directly above this layer of the earth

The Gutenberg discontinuity is found directly above the outer core.

What is the lower layer of the mantle composed of


The process of boiling seawater and recondensing the steam


What layer of the crust averages 25 miles in thickness

Continental crust.

Three of the four layers of this part of this crust are igneous material

Oceanic Crust

Is red sea the deepest ocean

no the red sea is a sea it is not an ocean . it is the Pacific ocean that is the deepest ocean in the world .

These glaciers are common in the Alps and the Andes


What explorer successfully completed the Northeast Passage

commander robert e. peary

Sea mounts are structures that cut into the continental shelf and the continental slope


The third layer of the lithosphere is fluid

The lithosphere consists of the crust and the brittle uppermost mantle. There is no fluid layer or third layer of the lithosphere.

What is a another name for a small orchestra

Combo or Band.

Choose the category that best fits the example swamp

Standing Surface Water

What is the conjunction of a conditional statement and its converse

A biconditional is the conjunction of a conditional statement and its converse.

Heat from the sun causes water to form water sources

Heat from the sun evaporates water from the oceans which then falls as rain

How many 200 gram weights are in 1 killogram


What layer of earth's crust is made of granite

The upper crust of earth has two layer the upper one is made up of granite. This is called a slab of lithosphere.

What does text structure mean in reading

Text structure is the text's base or the material's structure( how it is built)

Is the height of a wave measured from the top of one crest to the top of another crest


What is the least degree of a polynomial with the roots 3 0 -3 and 1

The polynomial P(x)=(x-3)(x-0)(x+3)(x-1) is of the fourth degree.

What is another word for having knowledge of how


What is the property of x equals 29

A statement which may be True or False.

What is the potective strucure of pineapple


Bakit babae ang naghuhugas ng pinggan

Kasi sila ang babae para ito ay maghugas ng pinggan ang lalaki ay ang mag tratrabaho para sa kanilang pamilya

The Symmetric Property of Equality states that any number is equal to itself.


The second layer of the earth is the


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