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Who was the first woman to receive a medical degree

Elizabeth Blackwell

What is the name given to the valleys on the surface of the cerebral cortex


What is the largest part of the forebrain


This is the cerebrum, where higher-order thought processes occur. The cerebrum is responsible for mental processes such as memory recall, language, art, emotional control and many fine motor skills like the ability to write (or text).
How do you stop a bull from charging

Don't pug him in.

What are the four major parts of the hindbrain

the upper brain stem, the medulla, the pons, and the cerebellum

Who is known as the first African American scientist

Probably Benjamin Banneker, who was born in 1731. He was a mathematician, an astronomer and a surveyor.

What is Luis Alvarez's cultural background

hispanic american

What was Benjamin Banneker's ethnic background

There are conflicting reports as to Benjamin Banneker's background. What is known is that Benjamin Banneker's father was a freed slave from Guinea. His mother has been reported to be a free black. Other accounts imply that his mother was the product of a white indentured servant and an African slave.

What is the primary task of the frontal lobes

They engage in complex reasoning and problem solving.

Egyptians were the first to use what

A+:all answers are correct
Egyptians were among the first people to use stern-mounted rudders.

The scientific investigation of the relationship between two or more variables describes which of these


What method of studying the brain involves the use of electrodes placed on the scalp to detect and measure electrical activity of the brain

EEG -Electroencephalography

What theory was advanced to explain why researchers discovered that there were a number of centers that dealt with language in the left cerebral hemisphere and not the right

The theory of lateralization was developed to explain this phenomenon. The fields of brain study are always changing as scientists and psychologists learn more and more about how the brain functions.

Which of these is an example of how scientists gather data

making measurments

Which scientist used his knowledge of astronomy to publish a popular almanac

Benjamin bennaker

You decide to select ten percent of the inmates in a prison to receive a survey You decide you want your sample to be representative of the population Which sampling process would provide the most r

a stratified random sample

In terms of validity what can be said about the depression test scores

they are prob. not valid and the test is not mesured depression

What is yuan lee's cultural background

asian american

Who sometimes causes confusion for the general public about new ideas in science

the media

What are the advantages of data collection devices

to be accurate

What does the researcher hope to do with null hypothesis the opposite of the research hypothesis

Be able to reject the null hypothesis and accept the research hypothesis

When someone disagrees with an idea what is he or she doing

He or she is being ornery and unreasonable, and obstinately refusing to

acknowledge the clarity and obvious correctness of my view on the matter.

What gland is represented by letter B

pituitary gland

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