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What causes a nucleus to become radioactive

The answer is: The strong nuclear force is not large enough to overcome the electric force for large nuclei.

Hope I answered your question.=)

Properties of number theory

zero property of multiplication commutative property of multiplication identity property of addition identity prpertyof multiplication your welcome:-)

What is background radiation

Background radiation is ionizing radiation which is naturally present in the environment.

How much did a loaf of bread cost in 2005

A loaf of bread was 2.29 in 2005. A gallon of Milk cost $3.75 and a gallon of gas cost $2.27.

The process of changing solid to liquid

Melting ice is an example of changing a solid to a liquid. Water is frozen into ice. Then when it melts, it becomes water again.

Example of inverse property of multiplication

inverse property of multiplication

How does nuclear fission differ from nuclear fusion

Nuclear fission is the process of splitting a nucleus with a large mass into two nuclei with smaller masses. The energy released can then be used to produce electricity. Nuclear fusion is the process of merging nuclei with smaller masses into a nucleus with a larger mass. The energy released by this reaction may someday be used to produce electricity. In other words, Nuclear Fusion is the exact opposite of Nuclear fission. While Nuclear Fission is splitting a nucleus into two nuclei, nuclear fusion is merging two nuclei into a nucleus.

Which property allows you to regroup addends

The commutative property of addition and the commutative property of multiplication.

What changes in a nuclear reaction

The nucleus of the isotope concerned

Iodine-131 is a radioactive isotope with a half-life of 8 days How many grams of a 64 g sample of iodine-131 will remain at the end of 24 days


Above which atomic number are the transuranium elements located

above 92

What is the property of -8 plus 8 equals 0

the inverse property of addition

If one fifth of thirty students in the class were left handed how many were left handed

there would be 6 left handed students

What three isotopes that can undergo nuclear fission

There are many isotopes, especially of the trans-Uranium elements which can undergo nuclear fission.

The isotopes which are used in nuclear reactors are Uranium-233, Uranium-235 and Plutonium-239, because these isotopes are more readily available than other fissionable isotopes. Uranium-235 occurs naturally, Uranium-233 can be made by neutron irradiation of Thorium-232 and Plutonium-239 can be made by neutron irradiation of Uranium-238.

What is the property of 8.2 plus -8.2 equals 0

inverse property of addition

What is a gas like state of matter consisting of free electrons and atomic nuclei


What does the half-life of a radioisotope indicate
How do you find the charge in atomic number and mass

We cannot find the electrical charge of an ion with the knowledge of atomic number or atomic weight (not mass). Also a neutral atom has no charge.

Which characteristic best describes how nuclear decay differs from nuclear fission


Which describes energy changes during nuclear fission

a very large amount of energy is produced from a very small mass<novanet>

How much does a loaf of prepackaged bread cost

The cost of a loaf of bread sold commercially will depend on the store and its location. The price could range broadly from $1.00 to $5.00.

Which is not a characteristic of a radioisotope

A radioisotope spontaneously emits charged particles and energy.

Which is not a characteristic of a radioisotope?

Where are each sub-atomic parts found

Protons and neutrons are in the atomic nucleus; electrons are around nucleus.

Which equation represents the synthesis of a transuranium element

Gucci rob

Which property is shown by -6 0-6 comunitive property of addition identity property of addition distributive property or associative property of addition.

Addition identity.

What is uranium-238's half-life

4.47 billion years

Are large amounts of energy created with small amounts of uranium

Yes. Very large amount of energy is derived from uranium. The atom of uranium brake down to give you atom of lead. There is loss of some mass in the process. That mass is converted into energy as per Einstein's equation. That is E = m C square. It is tremendous energy.

If For a sustainable fission reaction each fission must produce exactly additional fission reaction(s).

A stable nuclear fission reaction will be sustained if every fission produces one additional fission reaction.

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