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What are some ways to estimate how tall you are going to be

You are half your height at the age of two! To find out the height someone will be as an adult u double the height they were when they turned two!

How do you knit a 8x8 square

Knit a sample first. Cast on and knit with twenty stitches to start, and knit until it's a few inches long. Measure your knitting. Let's say it's four inches wide. Divide twenty stitches by four inches, and that means that for every five stitches you knit, you've got one inch. Multiply that by eight and cast on. Knit until it's eight inches long. You could do the same for centimeters, just measure and calculate in cm.

The perimeter of a rectangular garden is 84 feet the length of the garden is twice the width

If the perimeter is 84 feet and the length is twice the width, then the length will be 28 feet and the width will be 14 feet.

What else would need to be congruent to show that abc xyz by asa




Which property is illustrated by the following statement if ABC is congruent to def and def to xyz then ABC is congruent to xyz


Can two triangles be congruent but not similar

No. If they are congruent they must be similar. The reverse is not true, though.

Triangles are congruent if they have the same what


If abc def equal def equal mno and mno equal pqr then abc equal pqr by the transitive property

False. If ABC definitely equals DEF equals MNO and MNO equals PQR then ABC does not equal PQR by the transitive property.

AAA guarantees congruence between two triangles


Which property is illustrated by the following statement If hax rig then rig hax


Is All isosceles triangles are similar true or false


The triangles below will always be congruent


You can find the blank parts of two congrent triangles by aligning them perfectly on top of each other

It is actually "CORRESPONDING"..

Which best describes how tension builds during the middle of the story The Cask of Amontillado

nother thankl

How many remote interior angles are there for each exterior angle

For a polygon with n sides (n angles), there are (n - 1) remote interior angles for each exterior angle.

How does the location of a place affect distribution of population

Location of a place can affect population distribution in the following ways; A given area in which there is availability of social ammenities such as hospitals,good roads,public library,schools,etc will have more people migrating to such area. The following will also affect location distribution of population; Political factors. Climatic considerations. Employment opportunities.

What must be true before using corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent in a proof

The triangles must be congruent.

What is the value of your Winchester 94 30-30 rifle serial number 2801843 in fair condition

Your Winchester model 1894 rifle which was made in 1965 will bring between 200-350 dollars depending on overall condition.

What is the value of x2

It is: x2 = x*x

What shapes are available in copper cookie cutters

Copper cookie cutters come in shapes such as alphabets, animal heads, and butterflies. Cookie cutters can come in any imaginable shape and you can even make your own.

Which of these triangles appears to be congruentto any others shown here

which pairs of triangles appear to be congruent

Complete this sentence after a congruence transformation the area of a triangle would be it was before

This sentence can be complete as: After a congruence transformation the area of a triangle would be the same as it was before.

If two triangles are congruent then they can be moved so that they line up perfectly

Its true

Which of the following is a congruence transformation


How many distinct equilateral triangles with a perimeter of 60 units have integer side lengths

There is only one equilateral triangle with a perimeter of 60 units. Its side lengths are integers.

Is this statement true or false corresponding sides of similar triangles have the same measure

False because although the angles are the same the sides are proportional by ratio to each other.

In JKL and PQR if J P K Q and L R then JKL must be congruent to PQR


Which is the correct congruence statement for the triangles shown


if an isosceles triangle ABC is dilated by a scale factor of 3, which of the following statements is not true

the sides of ABC are congruent to the sides of A'B'C'

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